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We offer a full range of vaccination options to help protect your dairy stock and yourselves from infectious diseases. Below are the options to choose from for your calves, heifers and cows.


Animal Class:  All stock, annual boosters

Recommendation: Compulsory

Info: This disease is critical to control because of it's risk to human health. It is passed primarily through urine and can easily be passed to anyone working with cows (farmers, vets, meatworkers). Because of this we keep a register of Leptospirosis vaccinations to ensure every farm is done every year, and we do the vaccinating ourselves or under our supervision.

Clostridial Disease

Animal Class:  Calves

Recommendation: Very Strongly Recommended

Info: All of these vaccines are for clostridial diseases, such as blackleg and tetanus, which often cause sudden death in young stock. The differences between the different brands are:

  • Ultravac 5-in-1 - Has 5 common clostridial diseases
  • Ultravac 7-in-1    Has 5 common clostridial diseases plus the two most common strains of lepto
  • Covexin 10-in-1  Has 10 strains of clostridial diseases


Animal Class:  Calves and heifers. Adult cows annual boosters if indicated. Bulls used for mating

Recommendation:  Strongly recommended if calves are away grazing or infection identified on farm

Info: BVD is a viral disease that is carried by persistently infected animals that show no signs. Infection in young calves can cause a diarrhoea outbreak and weight loss, but in adult animals infection often results in poor mating results, abortions and the birth of weak, deformed or more persistently infected animals.

We recommend vaccinating calves out grazing because they are mixing with other stock usually from unknown origin and BVD status including bulls purchased for mating. The virus is relatively common but routine testing and monitoring is not. Prevention of BVD outbreak is far better then trying to treat one!


Animal Class: Calves out grazing, All stock with annual boosters if indicated

Recommendation: Only if indicated by previous infection

Info: Salmonella is a bacteria that can be carried in the gut of cows or other animals such as ducks and pukekos, but can also survive in damp swampy ground for many years. We often see individual cases of salmonella diarrhoea in cows but luckily outbreaks are rare. We recommend vaccinating for salmonella if you have experienced an outbreak in the past or your calves are grazing on a property that has had an outbreak previously.


Animal Class:  Cows

Recommendation: Recommend for best practice calf rearing

Info: By vaccinating the cows prior to calving, we are boosting the antibody levels against rotavirus several hundred-fold in the colostrum that the newborn calves receive. Rotavirus outbreaks in calves can be devastating and expensive to treat. There are certain management practices that must be adhered to to ensure that the full benefits of the vaccine are received.


Animal Class: mostly Calves and Heifers

Recommendations: If you have a history of previous outbreaks or sometimes in the middle of an outbreak

Info: Pinkeye is a bacterial infection of the eye. Initial signs are excess tears and conjunctivitis but this can quickly spread to infection and ulcers of the cornea. It can spread relatively quickly through a mob of young stock. The vaccine is best used as an outbreak prevention but can be used in the face of an outbreak to slow down the spread

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