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Large Animal Services

Our staff provide veterinary care and advice on cattle, sheep, deer, goats, pigs and horses. Our unbiased expert advice is helpful when considering purchases which directly affect animal health and production. We are particularly interested in helping our clients maximise their profit through optimal animal health and production programmes.

Reproduction Management

Body condition scoring, fertility focus report interpretation, disease monitoring, treatment and prevention (endometritis, BVD, Neospora), bull management, heat detection training and products, hormonal programmes, target setting, mating planning, InCalf programmes, pregnancy testing, staff training, benchmarking & reviews.

Nutritional Management

Dallas Nelley has had previous intelact training and is ideally placed to provide a full range of nutritional services for your farm whether it be from a one-off feed budget to a full annual nutritional programme. Blood analysis, Mineral supplementation programmes, Metabolic disease prevention, Subclinical ketosis monitoring, Pasture and feed testing, Feed budgeting, Body condition scoring, Speciality feed advice (eg fodder beet) services are all offered.

Mastitis Management & Control

Mastitis focus reports, grade busting services, milk cultures and testing, somatic cell count control, subclinical mastitis advice, teat spraying, healthy udder programmes, staff training, mastitis treatment options, data gathering and interpretation (Infovet), benchmarking, dry cow therapy advice and consultation, fonterra approved investigator (Craig Hassell).

Lameness Management

Healthy hoof investigations and advice, staff training, facilties investigations, locomotion scoring and benchmarking, examination, diagnosis and treatment of all lame cows

Replacement Heifer Management

Calf and heifer weighing, data interpretation, drenching programmes, calf scour prevention, mineral monitoring, feed budgeting, facial eczema prevention, disease prevention programmes

Biosecurity Planning

Disease identification and monitoring, risk assessment and vaccination programmes.

General Veterinary Work

Everything else not covered above; often the fun stuff like calvings, surgeries (caesarians, twisted gut, cancer removals etc), sick cows etc.

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