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Below you will find some contact details for frequently asked about services.

South Taranaki SPCA

North Taranaki SPCA

Scratching Post Stratford

Eltham Bird Centre

Massey Companion Animal Hospital

Pet Cancer Information

Dietary Information


Website for the New Zealand Companion Animal Register

We strongly recommend getting your dogs and cats microchipped and signed up with the New Zealand Companion Animal Register. You can sign up by coming in to the practice, talking to the SPCA or going to their website and filling out the online form.


An excellent resource for cat behaviour, and jargon free explanations of common cat diseases, is the International Cat Care webpage. Strongly recommended.


For anxious cats, Feliway have a good online resource which is worth a look.


For dog anxiety, especially around fireworks time, or for other stressful events, the Adaptil website has some good ideas.


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