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Senior Pet Health

Pets don’t slow down just because they are old. Aging itself is not a disease, but there are many diseases that can affect aging pets. With age, health problems tend to become more frequent. The immune system is less effective, and resistance to infection tends to decline. Arthritis is much more common (although difficult to diagnose in some pets), and the effects of obesity, or weight loss become more noticeable. Heart, liver, and renal disease become more evident. Old age need not be a slippery slope of infirmity. Senior Health Pet Checks allow early intervention giving pet owners greater opportunity to control many disease processes. Our pets’ Golden Years should be as enjoyable as our own.


    Benefits of a Senior Pet Health Check

  • Many older animals suffer conditions which are not apparent to their owners.
  • The earlier a disease is detected and treated, the better the prognosis and outcome for your pet.
  • Undue pain and suffering may be prevented through timely Health Checks and blood tests.


    Samson in for his check up


    Senior Pet Check Includes

  • Thorough nose to tail examination.
  • Senior Pet Blood test to check organ function.
  • Thorough Dental exam to check for signs of dental caries and periodontal disease
  • Urine analysis (if indicated from blood tests).
  • Comprehensive Health Report specifying ‘where to from here?’.

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