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Pet Insurance

Did you know you're more likely to claim on pet insurance than either your car or home insurance?

While planned healthcare costs like vaccinations and neutering can be easily managed, surgery to repair a broken leg, or retrieve a ball from the intestines of a labrador can be costly and with emergencies like these, there simply isn’t the opportunity to save up.

As well as the disasters, there can also be the longer term illnesses - like arthritis, or diabetes. Whilst these are both treatable, the costs can be considerable. Insurance taken out prior to these illnesses developing, and maintained throughout the animal’s life, can cover these expenses.

There are several companies in New Zealand now offering pet insurance. We recommends PetPlan - they have a good reputation amongst the veterinary community for providing a straight-forward, comprehensive service to clients and their pets. All new puppies and kittens presented to us for vaccination will receive a four week policy free of charge with Petplan.

PetPlan offer a Cover for Life assurance, which means that  however old the animal is when a condition begins (for example, allergic skin disease in dogs often develops between 2 and 3 years of age) the policy will pay out for the duration of the animal's life. 

There are other providers of pet insurance available - when considering these it's a good idea to take into account whether their policies are also 'Cover for Life' and also the limit of what the company will pay out for any one condition (some limits are surprisingly stingy). 

If in doubt, we're more than happy to help you decide what sort of insurance cover suits you best.

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