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PennHip Scoring

PennHip Scoring is a relatively new technique that allows early identification of hip dysplasia in dogs.

 Vets have to be specifically trained to be able to offer this type of hip scoring - and happily, Dr. Brendan Gammeter at the Hawera clinic completed his training in early 2016.  It involves taking very specific x-rays of the hip joints, and submitting them for evaluation. We are hoping that potential breeders of dogs will take advantage of this service to ensure that only dogs unaffected with hip dysplasia are bred from - which will ultimately result in decreasing the incidence of this debilitating disease. 


Of course this facility isn’t just for breeders - it’s also extremely useful for predicting if a dog is likely to go on to develop arthritis in the hip joint. This allows us to put preventative management strategies in place early, and so minimise the impact of the disease.



PennHip scoring is done solely at the Hawera branch - if you want to know if this is something you should consider doing with your dog please get in touch.



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