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Looking after eyes is an important part of pet care. Eyes that are red, partially shut, painful or discharging definitely need to be seen as eye problems often don't get better on their own.

TVC's eye guru, Anna Goulter, has lots of further study in ophthalmology and as such, she's normally up to the eyeballs in some of our trickier eye cases... 

 We usually refer our more challenging cases to Anna who is based at our Hawera clinic.



This is little dog that had been scratched in the eye by an angry cat. The cat's nail had penetrated through the cornea, and the iris had come forward to plug the gap. After some very intricate surgery, Anna persuaded the iris to go back inside the eye, and closed the cornea with some tiny stitches. 




Our next case was a very pretty little dog, with a very sore eye. Cindy's good looks were being spoiled by a patch of hair growing directly out of her eyeball. Apart from being unsightly, these can be really irritating as the hair constantly wafts across the surface of the eye. Anna managed to whittle out the offending tissue with some ultra-fine surgery and her eye is looking much better now!

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