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TVC strongly supports the microchipping of all pet provides proof of ownership and a way for your animal to find its way back home.

Microchipping is a straightforward procedure that can be performed during a routine consultation. It does involve a slightly larger needle than regular injections because the needle has to accommodate the chip (about the size of an uncooked grain of rice) so we can opt to implant the microchip while the pet is under anaesthetic - for example during neutering. Microchipping costs $51.70, including insertion. If you opt to get your pet microchipped at the same time as another procedure (for example during neutering, or vaccination appointment) the procedure is discounted to $40.90.

The microchip number will be held on our practice computer system along with your details. In the case of dogs, this information will also be held by the local council once you have registered your pet. The New Zealand Companion Animal Pet Register provides a service whereby your details and your pet's microchip number are held centrally. This means that even if your pet wanders out of the area, or ends up at another veterinary practice, the microchip number can be traced back to you. Let us know if you want us to add you to the register - it only costs $28 and the paperwork involved is minimal!

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