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Companion Animal Services

We provide quality health care for companion animals at our Stratford, Patea and Hawera centres.

At our Hawera branch we have vets that have developed their skills in specific areas of veterinary medicine such as orthopaedic work, ophthalmology and ultrasonography among other things - see the side bar for more details.


At TVC we strive to to be leading the field with our abilities to diagnose and treat animal illnesses. Technical capability is an important part of this - investigation is a critical part of diagnosing disease. For this reason, we upgraded our laboratory this year which means we can run a greater variety of tests in-house, without having to wait for the external lab. We also invested in a digital xray system which gives excellent quality images, very rapidly - meaning more accurate diagnostics and shorter anaesthetic times for your pet. At Hawera we also have a hospital grade ultrasound.


Preventative Healthcare

Prevention is better than cure...and we like to do what we can to help you keep your pet healthy. We advise vaccination against all core diseases, we also offer the option of vaccinating against Leptospirosis and Kennel Cough in dogs, and FIV in cats.

Our neutering costs are heavily subsidised by the clinic to encourage owners to get their pets desexed; neutering surgeries are performed Monday through to Friday and usually the animals are only in for the day. 

We recommend microchipping cats and dogs and this can be carried out during an appointment, though some people opt to wait until the neutering surgery to have these implanted. 

Dentistry is an area of animal health that has been coming into focus over the last several years. Our nurses run complimentary dental health checks to assess your pet's mouth and recommend home care steps to improve oral health. If they are concerned that disease is already present, they'll refer you to one of our vets for assessment and they'll talk you through the options.





Nurse Consults

We have a team of very experienced and skilled nurses that can be a fantastic resource to help you engage in good preventative healthcare for your pet. They offer help with dental care, optimal weight management, and their palliative care programme can help ensure your pet’s last few months are comfortable.

These appointments are all free of charge except for nail clipping which does have a small fee attached.



We have a well stocked shop with lots of goodies to pamper your pet. 

Emergency Care

We always have a vet available to deal with emergencies - please click here for more information


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