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WelFarm is an assurance programme designed to help dairy farmers better understand the key animal health markers and how they impact on the optimisation of on farm production performance

What's Included

  • ​4 x Body Condition Scores
    • Pre-calving, pre-mating, Jan/Feb and pre dry-off. Mob Scores, given average + spread.
  • 1 x Lameness Score
    • Score all cows as leaving from milking on a scale from 0 to 3.
  • 1 x Tail Score
    • Palpation off all cows tails to record any breaks, docking or damage etc.

The rest of the infomation is gathered from our records or provided by you (replacement rate, antibiotic usage, vet visits, in calf rates etc). You will then recieve a comparison between all of your values and the district and national averages.

If you are paying body condition scoring throughout the year, this is essentially the same price but you get all the extras. Some of our farm owners like that it helps them keep track of their farms performance if they are not actively working on the farm. Broken tails have become more of an issue recently, and individually recording the cows that are already damaged is a good way to protect both the owners and the managers/workers interests.

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