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Vet2Farm Seminars

-Small group seminars limited to a maximum of 12 participants at a time.
-Presented by 2 experienced vets; held at the Hawera clinic; running from 10.00 am to 2.30 pm.
-Lunch and full set of notes provided.
-Highly regarded with excellent feedback. $190 per person, discounted to $160 per person for 2 or more from the same farm.


  Spring First Aid

                LATE JUNE

  • Responsibilities of animal care
  • Animal welfare expectations
  • How to calve cows
  • Treating metabolic disease & how to find the vein
  • Common spring diseases and treatments
  • Treating calf scours


Treat & Prevent Lameness


  • Economic importance of lame cows
  • How to identify lame cows early
  • Understand types & causes of lameness
  • Treating lame cows correctly (using real cows feet)
  • Identifying the causes of herd lameness problems
  • Actions to help prevent lameness


       Rearing Heifer


  • Importance of quality herd replacements
  • Optimal age structure of the herd
  • How to produce healthy calves
  • Achieving target weights
  • Disease prevention programmes
  • Various rearing systems





Reproduction Management

             EARLY SEPTEMBER

  • Importance of compact calving
  • Basic Oestrous cycle of the cow
  • Accurate heat detection
  • Factors affecting mating performance and how to manipulate them
  • Hormone programmes and results
  • Bull management and performance


     Managing Mastitis


  • Economic losses from mastitis
  • Causes and effects of mastitis
  • Diagnosis and cell counts
  • Effective treatment options
  • Dry cow therapy and teat sealants
  • Effective teat spraying


   Veterinary Nutrition


  • Cow digestion
  • Components of feed
  • Mineral and trace elements
  • Transition cow management
  • Preventing metabolic diseases
  • Feeding supplements risk free

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