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Teatseal & Dry Cow Therapy Insertion

Your investment in giving a sealant or antibiotic treatment to your cows at drying off can be ruined through poor insertion techniques. It is essential that Best Practice insertion techniques are used for all products, even those containing antibiotics, as it is possible to push naturally resistant bacteria up into the teats if strict hygiene is not maintained throughout.

Our intramammary insertion teams of vets, technicians, and trained casual staff are available to make the whole process simple for you. It is a difficult job, requires attention to detail and is not enjoyable to many farm employees, and for these reasons we recommend using our technician teams.

Our teams are used on many farms for two distinct purposes:

  1. Whole herd dry-off treatment, &/or
  2. Heifer teatseal insertion

Usually, once you use our team for the first time, it becomes a "must-have" on the expense account each year after that!

Whole Herd Dry-Off Treatment

Regardless whether the cows are receiving anitbiotic or not, hygiene is just as important at dry-off time of your adult cows. A common cow fecal bacteria, E. Coli, is naturally resistent to the anitbiotics in many dry therapy products so if this accidentally pushed up into the udder, a severe mastitis can occur.

Whole herd antibiotic, partial herd anitbiotic with partial herd teatseal only or even whole herd combo-treatment; our technician team makes drying your herd off a breeze. We have the size to send enough technicians to match the number of cows you have, for example we have sent 8 staff to the larger farms to ensure the job is done to an excellent standard but in an efficient manner.

Heifer Teatseal Insertion

Using sealants pre-calving in heifers to prevent mastitis is one of the most successful new ideas generated in the dairy industry over the last few years. Results achieved on-farm are consistently BETTER than what the trial work showed and for many farmers, heifer mastitis and weak or blind quarters are now a thing of the past.

Because we are dealing with untrained animals with small teats, some real skills and training are required to ensure the best results are acheived. Our technician team routinely inserts Teatseal into about 15,000 heifers each year.

For health and safety reasons we have some very strict criteria that must be followed to ensure that not only is quality maintained, but our technicians are not seriously injured.


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