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Pregnancy Testing

We offer both ultrasound and manual pregnancy testing. We can age the pregnancy from 42 days (6 weeks) up to 100 days (~14 weeks) after conception upon request.

Our team of experienced vets and 14 ultrasound machines do about 170,000 cows per year.

Every cow thought to be empty on the scanner is then checked manually to be certain. With a scanner you can quickly confirm a pregnant cow and more accurately age the pregnancy, but it is possible to miss a small (<6 week) pregnancy with the scanner. This is why we check manually, to physically examine the whole uterus and ensure every empty cow is actually empty.

Research has shown ultrasound scanning is generally accurate to +/- 5 days, however cows gestation length varies so sometimes they will calve +/- 2 weeks from their calving date even when we are confirming AB dates.


Infovet Recording

If you are paying for aged pregnancy testing and are signed up to to infovet (free service), you can have one of our technicians come out for free with a tablet to provide the vet with all the mating dates and record all the results. They are then uploaded to synch with your MINDA records, and we can also send you a list of empty/recheck cows, and expected due to calve reports etc. This also helps us be more accurate with aging as we are confirming mating dates rather than giving an approximate age based on the calf size.


Generally we vaccinate for lepto at the same time, as it's a convenient time to do the whole herd. Please let us know if you require us to bring a vet/tech to do the vaccinating or if you have someone who can do it. There is a vaccination fee associated with a us doing the vaccination as apposed to the farmer/farm-staff.

What Time?

As standard we do herringbone sheds in the mornings and do rotary sheds in the afternoon during milking. 


We offer planks/pitfits for both herringbone and rotary sheds free of charge if you don't have a suitable setup for the vet to work from. The safety of our staff is a top priority, so if your setup isn't up to standard, don't expect us to use it. The vets are carrying awkward equipment and wearing goggles and are not equipped to work in difficult facilities.


Unfortunately there is always a risk of the ultrasound probe perforating the rectum, we do our best to be careful but when we are doing 170,000 PD's a year it is going to happen occasionally. This is just a risk that you have to accept as part of ultrasound pregnancy testing.


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