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Infovet is a software package our vets use to access your consolidated herd records from LIC/CRV, Fonterra/OCD and from our records. We use this to access your mating data for pregnancy testing and mastitis records for dry cow therapy etc.

Infovet is FREE to sign up and use!

Pregnancy Testing

  • We can download all of your mating dates for each cow onto a tablet and our technicians will bring this out on farm. As you enter each cow's number it brings up the days from each mating and the vet will confirm one of them or enter a new bull date (recorded bull matings also show up).
  • The confirmed dates are then uploaded to Infovet and MINDA where they will sync with your own herd records. This saves you going home and entering them all on your computer or phone.
  • If you are paying for aged pregnancy testing this service and the technician are free.

Dry Cow Forms

  • Every year, to get a dry cow therapy perscription, there is paperwork that we require to gather information about the mastitis situation on your farm. If you are with Infovet, we already have a lot of this information so there is less to fill out.

How to Sign Up

  • The sign up forms can be picked up from the clinic or emailed to you


For more information, take a look at their website 

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