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At Taranaki Veterinary Centre, we strive to provide top quality preventative dental treatments that will provide maximum comfort, increase the longevity of your horse’s teeth, reduce the risk of major dental problems, and aid in performance. 

The benefits of a full sedation dental performed by a veterinarian are numerous for the horse, owner, and veterinarian. It allows for a stress free procedure that you and your horse can enjoy. The veterinarian will do a health check on your horse before sedating as well. Sedation allows the veterinarian to better visualize problem areas which can then be addressed and treated accordingly. At Taranaki Veterinary Centre we also offer sheath cleaning, and vaccinations while your horse is sedated. Follow us on facebook to check dates and availability. 

Common signs that your horse is having dental problems:

  • Loss of body condition
  • Dropping feed while eating or difficulty chewing
  • Packing feed in their cheeks
  • Large undigested food particles in their manure
  • Behavioural problems
  • Riding problems (i.e reluctance to turn one way)
  • Nasal discharge and foul odour
  • Dental cysts on lower jaw


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